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DBM400 Biscuit Making Machine

DBM400 Biscuit Making Machine
DBM400 Biscuit Making Machine

Conveyor Chain:Single
Capacity:50-180 KG/H
Baking Tray Size:600*400 MM
Mold Diamter:248 MM
Dimension:2350*850*1350 MM
Weight:550 KG
Power:1.5 KW

Detailed introduction

This machine is used for mold release of short biscuit or peach short biscuit. The adjusted dough and fine sticks are printed into biscuit green bodies of various shapes and different grams. If you make short biscuits, you only need to change the biscuit mold.

2. Parameter:
Model DBM400-1 DBM400-2
Conveyor Chain Single Double
Capacity 50-180 KG/H 50-180 KG/H
Baking Tray Size 600*400 MM 600*400 MM
Mold Diamter 248 MM 248 MM
Dimension 2350*850*1350 MM 2900*850*1350 MM
Weight 550 KG 580 KG
Power 1.5 KW 1.5 KW

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