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Horizontal Cooker

Horizontal Cooker
Horizontal Cooker

Mixer Speed:0-50RPM

Detailed introduction

>Fully enclosed trough-shaped pot body, the jacket is heated by steam, with large heating area and high thermal efficiency.
>Stepless speed regulation, the agitator and the pot body are in full contact with the scraping wall and tumbling material, so that the agitation is fully without dead ends.
>The temperature of the material is transmitted through the platinum thermal resistance, and the temperature is displayed by the digital display thermometer, and the data is intuitive.
>The opening and discharging of the pot body is controlled by hydraulic mechanical transmission, which is easy to operate.
>The advanced transmission and mechanical seal structure is adopted to fully isolate the transmission parts from the pot to ensure that the food in the pot is clean and hygienic.

2. Parameter:
Model DJK200H DJK300H DJK400H DJK500H
Volume 200 L 300 L 400 L 500 L
Capacity 120 KG 180 KG 240 KG 300 KG
Length 550 MM 800 MM 900 MM 1000 MM
Mixer Speed 0-50 RPM 0-50 RPM 0-50 RPM 0-50 RPM
Dimension 2120*1000*1900 MM 2440*1000*2000 MM 2480*1000*2050 MM 2540*1000*2100 MM
Power 4 KW 4 KW 4 KW 4 KW

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