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YQC660 Cutter

YQC660 Cutter
YQC660 Cutter

Model : YQC660
Capacity : 130-660 KG/H
Dimension : 880*430*780 MM
Weight : 120 KG
Power : 0.75 KW
Slicing Size : 2-25 MM
Shredding Size : 2-8 MM
Dicing Size : 5/10/20MM

Detailed introduction

1. Description:
The YQC660 multifunctional vegetable cutter is specially designed to segment various stem and leafy vegetables. And by change different knives can cut various root and stem vegetables into many shape: strips, slices, cubes, rhombus and waves. 
The slicing scope includes cabbage, chives, mustard, leek, kelp, celery, garlic, potato, yam, bamboo shoot, onion, melon, eggplant etc. Meeting the request of the kitchen; restaurant; school; hotel; and the food process factory.
(1)Leaf vegetables-Spinach, cabbage, lettuce, kale etc
(2)Stem vegetables-Parsley, lemongrass, leek, beans etc
(3)Root Vegetables-Yam, radish, Lotus, cassava etc
Bulb vegetables- Onion, potato, carrot, ginger etc

2. Parameter:
Model YQC660
Capacity 200-660 KG/H
Voltage 110/220 V
Power 750 W
Dimension 880*430*780 MM
Weight 120 KG
Cutting Sizes 2-25 MM

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