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DV801 Double Head Cutter

DV801 Double Head Cutter
DV801 Double Head Cutter

Model: DV801
Capacity: 600-1000 KG/H
Dimension/Weight: 1150*680*1280 MM/160 KG
Voltage: 220/380V/50HZ
Power: 3.35 KW
Cutting Size: 1-60 MM
Root Slicing Size: 2-7 MM
Root Shredding Size: 2-7 MM
Cube Size: 15/20 MM

Detailed introduction

1. Description:
DV801 is the most advanced and powerful vegetable cutting machine in the market. It is suit for processing nearly all kind of vegetables, leaf vegetables, root vegetables, bulb vegetables etc.
> DV801 double speed control and double feeding-port vegetable cutting machine, the two parts could work at the same time.
> One feeding-port for cutting leaf vegetables, such as onions, garlic stem, leek, celery, cabbage, Chinese cabbage etc.
> The other feeding-port for cutting root vegetables and bulb vegetables, such as radish, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, carrot, onion, eggplant, apple, ginger etc. 

2. Parameter:
Model DV801
Capacity 300-1000 KG/H
Voltage 220/380 V
Power 3350 W(1100+750+1500)
Dimension 1150*680*1280 MM
Weight 160 KG
Cutting Size(Leaf) 1-60 MM
Cutting Size(Root) 1-7 MM
Cutting Fingers Sizes(Root) 3 MM or more
Cutting Cubes Sizes(Root) 20 MM

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