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DOP Onion Peeler Machine

DOP Onion Peeler Machine
DOP Onion Peeler Machine

Model: DOP150/300
Capacity: 300-500 KG/H
Dimension: 620*640*850/950*650*1250 MM
Weight: 55/80 KG
Voltage: 220V/50HZ
Power: 200 W
Material: Full Stainless Steel 304

Detailed introduction

1. Description:
This machine is mainly used for peeling off the skin of onion in the onion processing factory.
--It can completely replace manual work, saving time and labor and labor cost. This machine is highly efficient and easy to use. It uses instantaneous high pressure of air to peel off the skin, and the peeling is clean and does not damage the onions. --To ensure a good peeling effect, it is recommended to chop the onion before peeling. If you do not cut the head and heel, the peeling effect and yield of onion will be affected. The output is between 300 and 500 kg per hour. --The machine frame and body are made of all 304 stainless steel, and the surface is made of wire drawing. Strong, beautiful, and long service life.

2. Parameter:
Model DOP150/300
Size 620*640*850/950*650*1250 MM
Power 200 W
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Weight 55/80 KG
Capacity 300-500 KG/H
Material Full Stainless Steel 304

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