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DSS30 Sausage Stuffer Machine

DSS30 Sausage Stuffer Machine
DSS30 Sausage Stuffer Machine

Model: DSS30
Capacity: Double Filling
Filling Diamter: 9-48 MM
Dimension: 900*700*1380 MM
Weight: 200 KG
Material: Stainless steel 304

Detailed introduction

1. Description:
The sausage stuffing machine is essential equipment for processing sausage products. It can make large, medium and small intestinal products of various specifications, applicable to animal 's casing, albumen casing, plastic casing , especially for the dry filling of material relative to other filler effect is better.
2. Parameter:
Model DSS30
Capacity Double Filling
Filling Diamter 9-48 MM
Dimension 900*700*1380 MM
Weight 200 KG
Material Stainless steel 304

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